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The Experiences of Loveday Brooke
Catherine Louisa Pirkis

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Definitive edition: A.I. restored illustrations and new critical introduction

Victorian London: Meet Loveday Brooke, dubbed the ‘female Sherlock Holmes’, the first female detective in the history of the genre (originally published in 1894). From missing jewels to fraudulent spiritualists, the seven stories keep the reader guessing until the end. Illustrated throughout, contemporary A.I. restoration brings the original Victorian artwork back to life. This new edition is a must-have for fans of classic detective fiction and anyone who loves a good mystery. [Excerpts & extra material →]

Pécuchet Press, 2023
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Catherine Louisa Pirkis (1839-1910) published 14 novels and contributed to numerous periodicals. Her first major novel, Disappeared from Her Home, was a first foray into the mystery genre, serving as a prelude to the creation of Loveday Brooke, for which Pirkis is best known.

Pornography of the Gaze
Lord B.

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Re-writing of George Bataille’s Story of the Eye

Pornography of the Gaze It is an unflinching, fantastical meditation; is compose as an direct re-writing of Histoire de l’Oeil, the French surrealist classic by Georges Bataille, widely regarded a masterpiece of the 20th Century. Here, the novelistic account similarly charts a wild journey of two young lovers and their notable acquaintances. In doing so, it draws upon and implicates a series of texts, incidents and accidents: all revolving around the still unanswered question of the gaze; what it means to look and be looked at. Susan Sontag once wrote of the ‘considerable gain in truth’ to be made from attending to this literary genre. Now, nearly a hundred years on from Bataille’s original story, the verve of such writing is surely never more urgent a response to contemporary utilitarian, restrictive, and homogeneous ways of living. [Excerpts & Free material →]

Pécuchet Press, 2022
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Lord B. is a pseudonym of the book’s anonymous author. The name echoes George Bataille’s pseudonym ‘Lord Auch’, under which the original Story of the Eye was published (only officially attributed to Bataille posthumously, after1967). Here, ‘B’ is simply the next letter in the alphabet, but also reflects the author’s three main influences, George Bataille, Roland Barthes and David Bowie

Forthcoming Titles

Bouvard & Pécuchet: Text Adventure
Gustav Flaubert

Preparation of the Artwork

Open Access and print publication in development. Taking inspiration from Roland Barthes’ Preparation of the Novel, this projects sets out to ‘prepare’ a lecture course on the preparation of the artwork. The idea is to literally prepare such a course, to make it freely available, but also to produce it as a publication in the form of a lecture course. In the manner of software updates, the ambition is to first establish the main substantial draft for publication (to be made available in paperback and ebook formats), which will then be updated with new iterations or updates. [Read More→]